Technical Leadership & Consultancy

Planning and running a software project is not an easy task and there is no flowchart on how to navigate through it. If you are in need of an experienced consultant that can help you deliver value and successfully achieve project goals we offer consultancy in leadership in following areas:

  • Facilitating discovery sessions with business and technical stakeholders using practices like Event Storming, Impact Mapping and User Story Mapping

  • Working with the IT team on requirements gathering, planning deliverables and creating work schedule

  • Creating specifications & designs of the technical solutions using approaches such as Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices and Domain-Driven Design

  • Coaching and mentoring of the team members, facilitating pair and mob programming sessions, applying Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Identifying and addressing bottlenecks in the software delivery process in order to streamline the delivery of business value