Team Topologies - Training Report

On 26th of September 2019 I had an opportunity to attend Team Topologies Fundamentals training in Leeds - the session was delivered by Matthew Skelton. Together with Manuel Pais he wrote a book called Team Topologies that discusses how to "build the best team organization for your specific goals, culture, and needs".

The training was organised into 4 sections:

  • Teams and Conway’s Law

  • Fundamental Toplogies

  • Team Interaction Patterns

  • Evolving Team Topologies

Both the book and content of the training are based on 5 years of research across 30+ organisation in multiple industries and various countries / cultures. The authors focused on distilling underlying principles, patterns and topologies. This allowed them to focus on the essence of team design, rather than on more specific challenges related to a particular industry.

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Microservices patterns: Protocol ownership

When designing the architecture of a distributed / microservice system, one of the patterns used often is to make components communicate over an asynchronous message queue / bus / streaming platform. This approach has a lot of benefits, such as reduced coupling, improved resiliency and fault tolerance. It also creates some challenges, and one of them is finding an answer to a question: "Who defines and owns the protocol that services use to exchange messages?".

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