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Meetup: Bridging the gap between IT and Business using Event Storming

  • BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT EC2R 7BP United Kingdom (map)

One of the many challenges that modern organisations are facing is how to get the communication between business and technical stakeholders right. It’s usually easy to answer whether something can be built, or what resources are required so it can be delivered. On the other hand, how do we make sure that we are solving the right problem? Or that we know what the business challenge is.

Event Storming is a collaborative modelling workshop that allows to gain a common understanding of the problem space. It focuses on rapid and parallel exploration, where right problems can be identified and inconsistencies highlighted.

During this session Kacper will introduce you to the workshop format, its flavours and expected outcomes. Then you will have a chance to experience it yourself and see how it can help to create shared understanding in your organisation.