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Training: Strategic Domain-Driven Design & Sociotechnical Architecture - New York City

A loosely-coupled software architecture and an organisational structure to match is one of the biggest predictors of software delivery performance. Aligning software and teams with the business domains minimises unnecessary coupling resulting in software which more easily accommodates changes and enables domain-focused teams to deliver business value faster and more efficiently.

During this 2 day workshop, you will learn how Strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD) provides a comprehensive toolbox for collaboratively modelling business domains, creating bounded contexts in software to align with the business architecture, and patterns for organising autonomous teams.

Learn how to:

  • Model business domains collaboratively using practices like EventStorming

  • Design microservices aligned with the business domains

  • Organise autonomous teams to develop and continuously-deliver microservices

  • Understand and communicate your organisation's business model

  • Create a culture of high alignment between business and technology-minded people